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No rain but no cricket in Trinidad

by  LC exch  •  Last updated on 2020-07-31 11:27:39

Not one drop of rain. Not one ball bowled.

Rain had lashed Queens Park Oval on the opening day, and with the drainage condition not being the best, and the sun not beating down in full glory, the outfield did not dry up quick enough for the game to be played the next day. Surprisingly, there was no super sopper available at the ground, and that made the drying process much slower. The sun peeped out of the overhead clouds for brief periods, and the five ground-staff, each holding a small blower in their hand, could only dry out the damp patches on the ground at a snail's pace.

There were forecasts for heavy rain on day 2 of the Test, but surprisingly there was no rain till the stumps were taken out for the day. The ground conditions, however, prevented the players from taking the field. The bowler's run-up areas were especially wet, and needed a lot of drying while the boundary areas around the square were wet as well.

Apart from the handful of ground-staff, who worked for more than two hours in the morning to drying up the problematic areas, there was little anybody could do.

It turned out to be another frustrating day in succession, after only 22 overs were possible on the opening day.

The umpires had three inspections to see if the game could merit a resumption, but each instance was followed by an announcement that the next inspection was scheduled an hour or so later. The final inspection took place at 2:30 local time, and the umpires deemed the outfield still unfit for play.