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What make the new emerging betting websites stand out in 2020?

by  Aman Singh  •  Last updated on 2020-12-17 05:54:01


Advancement in technologies and stiff competition amongst similar service providing websites have obligated new emerging betting ventures to initiate top-notch consequential features along with unique services. The absence of out of the box ideas to lure players is the main reason why 70% of from scratch betting websites shut down every year. 

However, new emerging and also strictly regulated betting websites such as INDIBET and 10CRIC are giving stiff competition to the traditional business style of accomplished betting and gambling websites. Available stats of the first six months of 2020 have demonstrated a steady increase in website traffic of new-age betting websites. 

This sudden shift is not based on alluring promotions alone; there are several other crucial factors and holistic market mechanisms which are depicted briefly in the provided write-up.

• Availability of competitive odds with distinct qualities

Besides conventional and favored sports odds like completed match and match betting odds. Emerging website brands like 10CRIC and INDIBET have introduced their own version of cricket and other sports odds such as over/underscore, method of dismissal, toss combinations, and total team scores in odd or even numbers. INDIBET even takes a further step to try to incorporate both traditional fixed odds markets and fancy markets on their front page for major cricket matches specifically so that it caters for the taste of betting beginners as well as professional punters. Obviously, these new emerging websites are trying their best to find the gap to stand out in the market.   

In addition, players will surely find that the profit margin available on 10CRIC and INDIBET are more competitive which is what the bettors want the most. For e.g, while betting on the Indian tour of Australia 1st Test, Day 1 (17th Dec), INDIBET ensures @1.71 match odds for backing the Australian team, on the other side Betway and Royal Panda fall behind with @1.66 and 1.67. It simply means betting with INR 1,000 on INDIBET will comfortably bring players a profit of INR 40 more. 

• Social Media Presence

Traditional betting websites count on paid promotions for expanding customer base, social media activities are limited to disclose bonus and promotions only. Websites like INDIBET and 10CRIC have a young and attractive presence over all-important social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter along with Telegram, and several other mediums. In addition to promotions/offers, these pages interact with followers by publishing amazing sports stats, previews, and predictions along with instant answers to all website-related queries.

• Interesting Promotional Offers

Conventional sports betting website promotions are available for punters in form of welcome bonuses and multiplier bet points only. However, new-age betting websites have established a new norm of league-specific promotions along with festive/seasonal bonuses for active players just like online shopping ventures. For e.g- 10CRIC had a designated IPL Calendar Bonus to go along with the whole season and now they are offering designed BBL-specific promotions in the form of Big Bash Free Bets Boost and Big Bash Jumbo Jackpot. 

• Several payment gateways

Players outside the parent country of the conventional betting website have always complained about limited currency as well as payment gateway options. In a landmark decision, websites like INDIBET and 10CRIC have initiated local currency deposit options in popular countries with vast payment choices such as UPI, Bank Transfers, Bank Cards along with popular e-wallets Skrill and Neteller. Also, they started off as an exclusive for the Indian market which means that they strive to offer services up to the Indian player’s standard.

• Final Verdict

When talking about the trustworthiness and influential capabilities, the traditional betting ventures are still the dynasts. However, comparative analysis based on different outlooks hints at an edge-above performance of emerging betting websites like 10CRIC and INDIEBET. This indicates that players shouldn’t neglect the alternative options that these websites offer as you may get an unexpected better return.