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Kohli coins title ‘modern day legend’ to applaud Ashwin’s second hurried 400 wickets haul

by  Aman Singh  •  Last updated on 2021-02-26 20:15:11


Indian Skipper Virat Kohli impressed with the feat achieved by Ravichandaran Ashwin, hails India’s most promising spinner as ‘modern day legend’. On Thursday, the off spinner became the quickest Indian bowler to join the elite club of 400 wickets hunted bowlers, not only this Ashwin is world’s second fastest bowler to name the magnificent record.

India thrashed England in the crucial third match and carved out 10 wickets on the second day to maintain 2-1 dominance in four matches stretched Test Series. The win implicitly eliminates England’s contendership for World’s Test Championship final and Australia has earned a backdoor entry as the latest contender for the vacant spot along with mighty India, the other finalist seat is already secured by New Zealand.

Kohli, talking extensively about India’s quality spin attack in post match presentation, emphasized the fact that he and the whole Indian squad is glad to have R. Ashwin and his masterly skills in their side.

“We all need to stand up and take notice of what Ashwin has contributed to Indian cricket and we should all be very proud of it. I told him from now on I'm going to call you leg. 400 is an outstanding achievement and still so many games, so many years to go for India and I think in Test match cricket, he is surely a modern day legend. We're just lucky to have him in our team," Kohli said. 

"His skill sets and how he applies himself and makes those breakthrough performances for the team every now and then. As a captain I am so pleased he plays for us," he further added.

Taking his explanation forward, Kohli labels both teams' approach towards the game with bat as “below par performance”, and underlines this fact for quickly wrapped up Test Match. The Ahmedabad Test Match lasted for only 140.2 overs in one and a half days of gameplay and named itself the shortest completed Test Match since 1935. England in both innings scored 112 and 81 runs and India also managed to collect 145 runs in their first innings.

"I don't think the quality of batting was at all up to standard from both teams to be very honest," Kohi said after the match. "I know they got bundled out early but even with our innings, we were 100/3 and hoping to make many more than we ended up with. Just lack of application on both sides.

"It's a very good pitch to bat on, especially in the first innings. We just felt that the ball was coming on nicely and the odd ball was turning. It was just... I would say a below-par batting from both teams. Our bowlers were much more effective and that's why we got the result. It was bizarre that out of 30 wickets, 21 were off straight balls. I just feel it was down to lapse of concentration or indecision or too many things going on in your head as a batter and you're playing for turn but getting beaten on the inside.

"I just feel that batsmen need to trust their defence much more than they are presenting at the moment. Test cricket is all about that - you're not going to get results in two days all the time and this was a classic example of batsmen not applying themselves enough maybe and that's why such a quick game."