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Zimbabwe vs Pakistan : 2nd Test : Day 4 : Match Record

by  Shashi Shukla  •  Last updated on 2021-05-12 00:14:40


Pakistan has repeated history. In the first test series, Pakistan had won against Zimbabwe by an inning and 116 runs. In the 2nd test series that concluded yesterday, Pakistan defeated Zimbabwe by an inning and 147 runs. 

The outcome is undoubtedly a devastating defeat for Zimbabwe and a record-breaking win for Pakistan. Every award went to the credit of the overseas team. 

Abid Ali was declared the player of the 2nd test match for scoring more than 200 runs. Hasan Ali became the man of the 2nd test series for taking 5 wickets in the first test match as well as in the second. 

At the closing of the third day, Zimbabwe was at 220 for 9. On the fourth day, Zimbabwe managed to last for a little over 20 minutes. The ninth wicket partnership was able to bring in 11 runs till the fall of the 10th wicket. Zimbabwe at 231 runs had lost all its wickets. The 10th wicket goes to the credit of Shahid Afridi, who was able to accumulate 5 wickets in the second test series. 

The Zimbabwe team cannot be totally blamed for its poor performance. There was a total mismatch between the two teams, as far as the "composition of players" is concerned. Zimbabwe was lacking services from its veteran players, such as Sean Williams, Craig Ervine and Sikandar Raja. Not only that, another elite player of Zimbabwe had succumbed to injuries and thus, couldn't play. 

Zimbabwe couldn't perform well, neither in the bowling part nor in the batting. Their performance was so miserable that Pakistan's Nauman Ali, a bowler, could score 97 runs out of a little over 100 balls, with 5 sixes. 

The three Ali's of Pakistan, Abid Ali, Azhar Ali and Nauman Ali, have played a great role in bringing their country victory in the second test series. Pakistan was able to make a big total of 510 runs for 8 wickets in the first inning. 

In the 2nd test inning of Zimbabwe, Shahid Afridi and Nauman Ali were able to bag 5 wickets each. 

Another interesting thing is that 3 bowlers of Pakistan, Shahid Afridi, Hasan Ali and Nauman Ali, were able to take 5 wickets each in a single test series, i.e., the second test series against Zimbabwe. This achievement has erected a milestone in the history of Pakistan's cricket. 

This victory is expected to boost up Pakistan and help the country in the upcoming T20 World Cup cricket. Zimbabwe Tour of Ireland is expected to kick off from August 6th, 2021. Let's see what Zimbabwe will have in its secret pocket to show us in the upcoming matches against Ireland.