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Sports Betting Markets You Must Try During World Test Championship Final

by  Aman Singh  •  Last updated on 2021-06-11 22:41:21


The countdown of the most awaited ICC rivalry has begun with just a week left for the introductory World Test Championship final. After an elongated tussle of almost two years between nine test-playing nations, finally India with 72.2 PCT and New Zealand with 70.0 PTC reserved spots for the ultimate showdown.

The hot topic of debates over all leading social media platforms is correlated with both teams' game-plan, playing XI, top performers and ultimately the name of the winning team viewing all possible scenarios. Wait, are you also discussing several probabilities with your friends and sports companions? Then, why not profiting your analytical skills for winning hefty returns on renowned sports betting websites? In this write-up, the Topbets team will unravel different sports betting markets you can try out during the World Test Championship final scheduled to be played in-between June 18th-22nd.

Vital Sports Betting Markets for WTC Final: How To Bet Them

Result of the Match (Outright Winner)


The most trending money-line betting market works on (Head to Head) for three possible outcomes: Apart from Team A to win or Team B to win, the outright winner market for test matches carries a third viable outcome which is ‘a Draw’ result.

Sportsbooks usually offer ever-changing live odds throughout the five days affair of a test match with three possible results and punters with solo interest of quick profit can also undertake ‘trading’ or hedging bets options. The whole exercise can promise a ton of fun.

Occasionally, markets may be halted for a short period of time when a batter is dismissed as website oriented algorithms directly administer the market, although the opportunity to hit favorable odds appears 24 hrs. World Test Championship finals will potentially see 2700 deliveries from both sides and keen followers should hit the bulls-eye prediction when it’s the time to strike.

Usually all sportsbook websites features ‘Outright Winner’ market and for profitable returns you can tryout 10CRIC, INDIBET, PARIMATCH or BETWAY.

Highest Individual Run-scorer


If you are confident enough of a batsman's form viewing WTC final playing conditions, also it looks like that the particular player will emerge as the highest run-getter for his team in each of the innings, then this bet type totally counts as a worthy affair for you.

The only trick in this market is, usually the recognized and ought to perform batters available for selection are short priced. On the other side, the less fancied bunch of lower-order batsmen are aligned with very juicy odds.

Most of the sportsbook underlines this interesting market for the test cricket face-offs, and for an eventual betting experience you can try-out 10CRIC, INDIBET or PARIMATCH.

Leading Wicket-taker


Test matches are more focused towards the ability of bowlers to change the momentum of the game with quick-wickets. That’s why, red ball affairs with 4-6 quality bowlers and proficiency to bowl in different sessions is the perfect blend of five days cricket exhibit.

Most of the quality sports books offer odds on this market, but things to keep in mind that not all players will be available for selection in this market, as it is exclusively for players with ability to bowl. Just like the highest run-scorer, some of the bowlers are chosen favorites and bet-makers set the odds by examining bowlers' proven performance in the recent past.

However, this bet type is more fruitful, as a batsman after just one mistake can be sent back to pavilion and your entire stake is assumed to be wasted but bowlers get different spells of bowling in different hours of the day and chances of wicket is just a matter of a few quality balls. 

You can try-out this bet type on INDIBET, 10CRIC, PARIMATCH and 22BET

Mode of Next Dismissal


You must be thinking that mode of dismissal is a common bet market in cricket and what is so special about it being highlighted in the World Test Championship Final. Well, let’s see probability of different mode of dismissal exclusively with point of view of Test matches and how can it help you to earn profits-   

Mode of Dismissal

How Often It Occurs (Test Cricket)



Leg Before Wicket (LBW)


Caught by Wicket-Keeper


Caught by Other Fielder






Source: Analysing Test Cricket Dismissals Across Different Ages

You can choose the best available options based on above mentioned probability in WTC finals to magnify your share of profits. For a try, you can trust either INDIBET or 10CRIC for this bet type during WTC Final.

Individual Player Market


Another exciting market where in place of absolute numbers or figures options like ‘Yes’/ ‘No’ or ‘Above’/‘Under’ is given. All bettors need to do is to submit their vote as ‘Above’ or ‘Under’ for random scores aligned by side of different players and whether they believe the actual score will be above or under the given figure. Same goes for number of wickets and all you have to answer is ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for a random number of wickets tagged beside different bowlers. Betting live on these markets is a huge drawcard.

INDIBET proposes extensive domestic and international cricket schedule based market for 'Individual Player Market'.

Final Words

None of the other cricket tournaments can match the drama and tension of a World Test Championship final between two rock-solid rivals. Several test cricket lovers have already been betting on this ICC accredited tournament for the last two years. Don’t you think that, WTC final between India and New Zealand is the perfect time to add test cricket action to your betting repertoire? Believe me that you may find a new favorite thing by doing so!