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Never Had A Transparent Response": Gilchrist On Team India Players Not Playing International League Matches

by  Shashi Shukla  •  Last updated on 2022-07-29 18:03:10


Team Australian legend Adam Gilchrist encouraged the BCCI to permit Indian players to partake in the International T20 league cricket tournament.

The Wicket-keeping legend player Adam Gilchrist this Thursday said he expects the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) to permit the team of Indian cricketers to join in the T20 associations cricket matches outside the country. The BCCI, as of now, doesn't permit the Team Indian players to take part in International T20 format leagues for example like Australia's Big Bash League to keep up with eliteness of Indian Premier League. "It will be superb (assuming that the Indian players are permitted to play in abroad T20 cricket leagues), I for one feel that it will not reduce the IndianPremier League popularity, it will just develop them as a brand. If they (Team Indian players) can play in South Africa or in  Australia," Gilchrist said.

"Yet, the experiment is we are playing our homegrown seasons simultaneously, so that is something hard, isn't it?," he added.


Gilchrist's idea came a day after he scrutinized the developing strength of the Indian Premier League tournament (IPL) establishments in world cricket.

In any case, the three-time World Cup champ kept up with the fact that he was not against the world's most famous T20 format league.

"I'm not demoralizing the Indian Premier League tournament, yet is there any valid reason why Indian players won't come and play in the Big Bash association? I've never had a transparent response: Why are a few associations getting to each player on the planet? No Indian player plays in some other T20 association. I'm not saying from a provocative perspective, but rather is that a fair inquiry?" he inquired.


"I truly need to feature (that the) six seasons (I played in the Indian Premier League tournament) I cherished. It was an incredible encounter. It is the chief T20 rivalry on the planet, however it is vital to permit different loads up and nations to succeed too," he added.

Should show restraint toward Player Rishabh Pant: 

Yet again Gilchrist adored Team India's daring wicket-attending hitter player Rishabh Pant and asked the Indian board to show restraint toward him when things turned out badly.

"He (Rishabh Pant) is one of the most intriguing cricketers to Need to show restraint toward Rishabh Pant. Yet again Gilchrist lauded India's daring wicket-attending hitter Rishabh Pant and asked the Indian board to show restraint toward him when things turn out badly.