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Will there be any cricket matches in 2020?

Will there be any cricket matches in 2020?

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  • Nitish Bhardwaj 2020-07-18 17:12:48 rate(0)

    Maybe Yes, if everything works well in the upcoming days then we will see some cricket in different parts of the World and this is great news for all the cricket fans.


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    I want to tell you that England Cricket Board is decided that they will host the West Indies and Pakistan teams in England in the upcoming month of July 2020. Earlier England team has to play a series in June but now due to Coronavirus they may be ready to host both these countries in July and we will see some cricket action earlier than expected.

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  • Raj Jangam 2020-07-18 17:10:30 rate(0)

    Let's see Coronavirus Cases 1st according to Major Cricketing events held in Countries :-

    1. INDIA


    We Contained Virus Very Good but as protective measure to 2nd Wave of Coronavirus can increase cases so, I think in INDIA We can't see cricketing matches will happend in 2020.

    2. ENGLAND


    England is Worst affected country in terms of Coronavirus so , in 2020 there is almost nil chances cricketing matches happens in England.







    These three Countries manage Well the Virus So, We can see that Cricket Will Resume in these Countries from October 2020 ( expected ) & there is also more possibilities that ICC T20 World Cup also happen this year With All Security like Screening , Thermal scanning etc.

    So , Answer is Yes But All Cricket Lovers have to wait for October till Cheers.

  • Samir Balpande 2020-07-18 17:10:03 rate(0)

    Across the globe, there has been no major action in any form of the game since 16 March, the longest gap between matches in 37 years.

    With so many questions about this summer, we look at the problems that could arise, possible solutions, and what is happening elsewhere in the cricketing world.

    There will be no professional cricket in England or Wales until 28 May at the earliest, which is a significant date for a couple of reasons.

    First, it is supposed be the opening night of the T20 Blast and it also the first day of West Indies' last scheduled tour game before the first Test against England, which is due to begin on 4 June. More on both of those later.

    The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) is working on revised schedules for the season to begin in June, July or even August, and is focusing on four key areas - public safety, the most financially important formats of the game, deals with broadcast partners and supporting the women's game.

    The May target was first mooted before the government's restrictions on social distancing were tightened, so they would have to be lifted sufficiently for players to return to training before that date.

    Most significantly to the wider cricketing world, the Indian Premier League (IPL), one of the most watched sporting competitions on the planet, has already had its start delayed from 29 March to at least till lockdown ends.

    With India now in lockdown until 17 may, that start date seems unlikely and, even if the competition does get under way, will its galaxy of overseas starts be able to travel?

    On Monday, Rajasthan Royals owner Manoj Badale suggested the tournament could be played later in the year, but that would have a knock-on effect for most other nations, who would be concerned about losing their players at a time when they have their own fixtures scheduled.

    The IPL is adept at dealing with problems, though. In 2009, the entire competition shifted to South Africa because of security concerns.

    The Pakistan Super League got as far as the semi-finals before it was called off, with the intention to play the final three matches another time. When that would be, in a crowded calendar, is up for debate.

    As major sporting competitions originally scheduled for 2020 fall one by one, the men's T20 World Cup in Australia in October and November remains on the calendar.

    Coronavirus is not just affecting the professional game. There are thousands of amateur cricketers wondering if they will pick up a bat or ball this summer.

    The ECB has suspended all recreational cricket activity indefinitely, plunging a host of grassroots clubs into a period of uncertainty.

    Some may wonder about the implications of losing summer revenue - match fees, tea money, bar takings - while others will have signed overseas professionals and have no idea whether they can or should travel to the UK.

    There are leagues that have already opted to cancel promotion and relegation in 2020, with others deciding it is too early for such a move. The ECB is in regular contact with Premier Leagues, the highest standard of weekend cricket in the country.

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