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Why some of the cricket fans associate DRS as \'Dhoni Review System\'?

I have seen most of the Indian commentators and cricket fans in India using the term ‘Dhoni Review System ’ for DRS. Why do they use such terminology when DRS clearly means Decision Review System? 

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  • Ashish Mehta 2020-07-20 19:06:19 rate(0)

    Former Indian Skipper M.S Dhoni is famous worldwide for his unique way of handling pressure with calm and composed looks during a high tension match. The ‘Helicopter Shot’ man is also very well known for his lightning fast stumping and running between the wickets while batting. 

    Some of Indian fans and cricket commentators named DRS as the Dhoni Review System as the rate of success when Dhoni asks for reviews is quite higher than skippers from any other team names. We have seen most of skippers discussing for the DRS call with important player names of the team but in Dhoni’s case he straight away signals DRS for wrong decisions and most of the time it comes out as the correct call.

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