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What would happen if Virat Kohli breaks Sachin Tendulkar\'s most ODI hundred records?

What would happen if Virat Kohli breaks Sachin Tendulkar's most ODI hundred records?

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good review

  • Morgan Cook 2020-08-05 16:51:42 rate(0)

    Apart from proud moment for all indians, especially Sachin Tendulkar, Virat’s fan and also Virat himself, we would start waiting for the day when he will break the record of 100 century and most test ton.

    After he'll break the record of most hundred, Bcci will throw party on his name and any one from celebrity will ask the same question which once Sachin was asked when he set the milestone of 100 ton in cricket.

    Question would be like: Whom do you believe will break your record?

    After his answer, along with sports media, entire cricket fans would start waiting for the next to join 100 ton club.

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  • Andy Bates 2020-08-05 16:51:05 rate(0)

    That's not a big achievement. I'll sum it up in five points.

    • Kohli has the luxury of best batting pitches where the ball of a pacer reduces drastically to 3 km/hr.

    • We can never compare the eras. So, even an early stone age man who never batted can't be compared with Virat

    • Sachin played against best pacers like Mcgrath, Lee, Akhtar,Gillespie. Kohli plays against Ramesh Powar.

    • Sachin played against best spinners like Warne, Muralitharan. Now, spinners be like : I forgot googly.

    • Fours and sixes weren't the norm then as cricket was less commercialised. That's why now you see, not only Kohli but 41 other batsmen are over-taking Sachin.

  • Ruben Michaels 2020-08-05 16:50:42 rate(0)

    Firstly I am a big Steve Smith fan.Moving on,

    I think Sachin would feel proud to have another Indian who has chased his records.But as a cricket fan I would say Sachin would still be the God of Cricket.The grace with which he scored those milestones and the competition he faced in his era is something incomparable.He faced the lights of Wasim Akram, Shane Warne,Muralitharan,Waqar Younis, Glenn Mcgrath,Brett Lee,Dale Steyn and many more.While most batsmen could not play them at that time,Sachin never allowed to settle them.Virat's era is a batsman friendly era.Scores of 300+ is really a par these days and those were the days when batsmen having an average of 45 was considered really splendid.These days we have an average of 50+, commerce online the last 5 years Bairstows average is 58,Roy is 50+ and almost everyone is scoring freely.Virat has a easy competition from bowling attack though we have Starc Boult and some good bowlers.These days Indian team is on top of the world and there were times we had the might Australians the Proteas Power and Srilankan attack led by greats like Sanga Mahela Muttiah Chaminda and Jayasuriya.The west indians were considered the most dangerous too.Virat's era has almost no competition thus a bit easier for him

    Not to forget Sachin got out in the nineties a whopping 27 times in his career(some were wrong decisions too when he was on 99) else Mr Sachin Tendulkar would have ended with 127 international centuries.Can you imagine it?

    He neither argued over his wrong decisions nor was involved in any controversy.That was his grace.I have nothing against Virat Kohli.He is a remarkable batsman (probably the best in this generation) but comparing him with Sachin is again like being disrespectful to Sachin.Remember its always the character that matters at the en because being successful is common but being remembered for good reasons is not everyone s cup of tea.The world remembes them and so will remember Sachin for at least another 5–6 centuries after his death.

    Remember there are people like Virat Rohit Ricky Ponting who became famous due to cricket and there is Sachin Tendulkar who made cricket famous.Theres a difference I guess. I am really fond of Virat’s batting and his success but I would prefer Sachin out of the two.

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