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Which format do you like in cricket, T10, T20, ODI or test?

Which format do you like in cricket, T10, T20, ODI or test?

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good review

  • Brian George 2020-08-11 17:51:02 rate(0)

    I like Test Cricket the most as I feel that it the format which tests a player the most.

    Batsman: It tests the batsmans skills under different conditions example a opening batsman will bat in the first session of the day & sometimes in the end of the day when the innings of the other team end, it tests the patience & temperament of a batsman to play out and survive a difficult situations when the bowler is bowling a good spell. It tests batsmans focus when the batsman have to re-focus themselves after lunch, tea breaks that is when the opposition teams have a most chance of creating impact. Also fitness is tested of a batsman if they have to bat for 2/3 or maybe 4 sessions to save a testmatch for their team or help the team put up a big total.

    Bowler: A bowlers fitness is tested since they have to bowl multiple spells throughout the day in scrotching heat specially in the Asian conditions. It tests their ability to bowl multiple spells with the same speed & rhythm as they would bowl their first spell of the day. The skills of a bowler are tested with different forms of the ball like when the ball is hard & new v/s when the ball is soft & old. A fast bowlers ability to Reverse- swing the ball is also tested.

    Fielding: Focus is very important testing factor here specially for slip fields where they have to be alert always as a catch may not come your way for the whole day & it may just come on the last ball of the day, so as slip fielder they must always be alert & focused. Also fitness is important here as fielding the SUN for a whole long day can be very tiring.

    Doing the above consistently over a period of 5 days of cricket is not an easy job. So for me Test cricket is the ultimate form of cricket & it always will be.

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