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What would be the reaction of Sachin Tendulkar if Virat Kohli break his record of most international hundreds in ODI cricket?

What would be the reaction of Sachin Tendulkar if Virat Kohli break his record of most international hundreds in ODI cricket?

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  • Adam Stanford 2020-08-12 15:11:35 rate(0)

    It has happened before!

    March, 2012

    Richest men of the country and owner of Mumbai Indians, Mukesh Ambani threw a felicitation ceremony in honor of Sachin Tendulkar for completing 100 international tons

    Who’s and Who’s of film, sports, media and other sports luminaries were in the audience. Big names were coming on stage and speaking tons of good words for the little master.

    In came, superstar Salman Khan- his speech, peppered with humour, was the high point of the event where he goaded Tendulkar into predicting who he thinks would break the awesome record


    “Kya lagta hai aapko? Seedhe seedhe bolo nahi tod payega…” Salman asked Sachin in typical Salman Khan’s way (What do you think? Be frank and say no one will break my record )

    In reply, Tendulkar rose from his front-row chair and said: “I think those who can, are sitting in this room only.”

    “Chance hi nahi,” retorted Salman.


    “I can see those youngsters… Virat and Rohit are the ones. As long as an Indian betters it, I don’t mind,” said Tendulkar, drawing a round of applause from the celebrity guests.


    & the applause is legitimately correct. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar being the father of majority of all batting records understands the fact as a sportsperson that- RECORDS ARE MEANT TO BE BROKEN.

    & those three words “I don’t mind” are reflection of Sachin’s sense of agreeable detachment with his prized possession- RECORDS, if they are going to an Indian cricketer.

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  • Leland Raphael 2020-08-12 15:11:17 rate(0)

    Sachin earlier told during his interview that if virat breaks his record in future then he will be happy and he will give reward to him

  • Justin Trenton 2020-08-12 15:10:01 rate(0)

    Sachin Tendulkar will be very happy if Kohli goes on to break his ODI record of most hundreds. Tendulkar had said way back in 2012 that Rohit and Virat are the ones who could go past his records.

    And 7 years later, the master’s words are proving to be prophetic. Kohli will go past Tendulkar’s ODI centuries tally as early as 2021, and needless to say, Tendulkar will be a happy man. As Tendulkar said before” As long as an Indian breaks it, I don't mind.”

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