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Why is the 1983 World Cup a memorable tournament for Indians?

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  • criclover 2020-08-15 04:27:42 rate(0)

    The most memorable moment in Indian cricket history will always be the 1983 world cup. This world cup will always be special for every single cricket fan as it was the first world cup which was won by India in cricket history. India team, which is not performing up to the mark at that times, unbelievably wins the hearts of people and the world cup trophy too. India fought with 8 other countries and won the final match against West Indies on 25 june 1983. 

    Mohinder Amarnath was the man of the match and won millions of hearts that day. Kapil Dev as captain was incredibly good in his role and that day will always be remembered as the golden day in the cricket history of India. 

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