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Could India have won if M.S Dhoni wouldn\'t have got out in the ICC India vs New Zeland 2019?

Could India have won if M.S Dhoni wouldn't have got out in the ICC India vs New Zeland 2019?

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good review

  • Vaibhav Mishra 2020-08-20 16:30:06 rate(0)

    Firstly, he was not legally out.

    Cameras and visuals etc clearly show that there were 6 fielders outside (maximum allowed was 5 at the time). But that didn’t really affect his dismissal.

    It was 25 to win of 10 balls when he got out.

    Dhoni had done it SO many times before. He has even won a match (in IPL) when it was 12 required from 2 balls. He is known as the “master finisher” and he is especially good during pressure situations.

    The most important thing in the final moments of a close game is to apply pressure to the opposition. A single six ( and , if possible the ball hits someone’s bat while he is running and runs of for overthrow 4 xD ) could have put lot of pressure on the bowler and this could have screwed up the bowler’s confidence and rythm, improved Dhoni’s confidence, and we could have won. And we all know about Dhoni’s talent to absorb pressure in crunch situations.

    But we can only console ourselves by saying “ Oh if he just dived and wasn’t run out we would have won”. Who knows Dhoni could have played like he played against England ( Hardly able to connect balls to the boundary) , and we could have lost with him even staying till the end. Although statistics show that India wins more than 75% matches chasing when Dhoni is not out, but we really can’t say.

    MY VIEW: Im a huge MS fan, always been. And since I obviously support India, i feel like YES, Dhoni could have pulled it off.

    Still crying over the fact that Dhoni got out in IPL finals and World cup 2019 finals in RUN OUTS!!

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