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I was wondering why there is no LED equipped wickets in most of the Test matches. Does ICC have framed any guidelines in this direction? If no, then why LED wicket is not used being it is equipped with advance technique and offers fasten results?

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  • Merelin Darlong 2021-01-12 23:14:17 rate(0)

    I strongly believe that most of the teams play test series with normal stumps to invoke the qualities of the traditional and vintage quality of the test matches. In ODI and T20 matches also, LED stumps are used to just sensationalize the whole episode of the match and in Test matches such sensation and drama are not needed as five days of pure cricket is enough for the fans to enjoy the proceeding. ICC has not given any ruling in this direction but let me tell you that normal stumps are most trust worthy and cost-effective then the LED stumps.

    Many instances are seen in matches where bails are not dislocated in LED stumps even after ball touching it. Thus, it cannot be concluded that they are more effective for the proceeding of cricket match.

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