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I was recently viewing an online article and got to know that Indian Cricket team was locked in their hotel rooms as soon as they reached the Brisbane hotel. Is the claim is right? Why Indian team is receiving such hate in Australia even we Indian welcome foreign teams with open arms?

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  • Aman Singh 2021-01-13 19:49:21 rate(0)

    I strongly believe that source of your news is malice as no such incident is occurred with India team otherwise till now it would have become an international news. May be the news agency got the news that Brisbane isolation rules are severe than other venue that’s why media people are sensationalizing the bite for their profit.

    For claim about ‘hate’, none of the Australians hate team India, it is just one or two of the spectators who were found guilty for that in Sydney and authority appropriately asked them to leave. I hope you know that Darren Sammy alleged that he encountered racist remark during one of his IPL seasons. Does it means Indians also hate Caribbean players? Its just there are few attention seeker troublemaker everywhere and  whole society cannot be blamed for misconduct of few.

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