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Everyone is talking about drop-in pitches keeping view of the Australia vs India Test series. Does anyone know what ‘drop-in’ exactly stands for and how it is different from the actual pitch? Is it only utilized in Test Series?

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  • Adarsh Kaul 2021-01-18 19:13:21 rate(0)

    As per my view, Drop-In pitches as the name suggests are the pitch which are developed and crafted away from the actual venue to get a surprise element in a match. The pitch is attached to the scheduled venue just before the match that’s where the name drop-in pitch came from.  For e.g, in India most of the wickets are turning in nature but to get a surprise element in the match, the organizers may decide to curate a pitch away from the venue with different soil usage to get uneven bounce and movement of the ball.  

    For answer to your second question, in overseas stadium like Australia, drop-in pitches are always available and can be used in any format but 95% of drop-in pitches are employed mainly for test matches.

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