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I recently tried to open my 888Sport betting account after a couple of month’s gap and the server message says ‘your account is expired’. I have several unused rewards in my betting account, can someone inform me an easy way through which I can contact with the responsible customer service enablers?

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  • Mayank Sharma 2021-01-29 19:07:41 rate(0)

    I strongly believe that 888Sport has a dedicated activity related policy where inactive accounts after several month gaps are taken down to clean the system from potential bots. Your account may have been the victim of such exercise, if your rewards and balance is not on the higher side than you can easily go for a fresh betting account as rewards for new betting accounts are always fruitful.

    In case you want to get back your previous betting account then my advice for you will be to consult the customer service agent. All the details about the customer services are enlisted in section ‘Online Help’ where you can provide your registered mail id and the dedicated personnel will contact you within 24 hrs.

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