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I was recently viewing Indian Premier League schedules and witnessed the fact that BCCI has moved last two IPL 2021 schedules simultaneously. Can anyone inform me the probable reason to club two schedules when already 3.30 PM slot was available for a full-fledged T20 match?

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  • Darsheel Mehta 2021-10-06 15:41:32 rate(0)

    BCCI has decided to hold the last two games of IPL concurrently keeping in view that 2 additional teams shall be playing from next year onwards. let me elaborate :-

    When there are 10 teams playing a round robin format tournament, the number of matches played becomes 45 and if they play each other twice, the matches before playoffs start, becomes 90. The number of matches played when 8 teams played each other twice is 56. Thus an increase of 34 matches. Hence, even if BCCI has double headers, still it is going to take 17 more days to complete such a tournament. Now given the tight ICC schedules, the broadcaster’s reluctance for 74 match-format (as used in 2010 IPL) and that the BCCI-Star deal doesn’t allow increasing the number of days beyond the number in present deal.

    Thus to accommodate 90+ matches in short window of time, concurrent matches need to be introduced.

    Also According to BCCI treasurer Arun Dhumal “Given that playoffs are 'do-or-die' matches, the primary reference point - while contemplating this decision - was to ensure a level-playing field. That's one area where we wanted to experiment. This (move) will put all teams on equal footing, and that's great for the competition. And because it's just an experiment right now, it'll help us understand all the corollaries involved in such a move”

    The decision to hold concurrent matches in IPL has a lot of far reaching consequences:-

    Opportunity for broadcaster to increase TV / OTT subscriber base, considering viewers may want to watch both matches simultaneously;

    Puts less pressure on BCCI to bargain with the International Cricket Council (ICC) for a wider window for IPL when the new Future Tours Program (FTP) comes into effect starting 2023;

    Puts more onus on other stakeholders, especially franchise-owners, to work on their respective ecosystems from a popularity / fan-engagement POV and then earn a set percentage of central revenue based on the TV / OTT numbers their teams can generate on match-days.

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