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Cheerleaders have not featured in two consecutive IPL seasons and the seasons enjoyed unchanged number of fans and it looks like cheerleaders doesn’t have any positive impact on the game. What are your thoughts should cheerleaders be banned from the IPL mania for indefinite time period as it only soars team’s expenditure?

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  • Lokesh Pandey 2021-10-09 22:23:41 rate(0)

    In one word, I will say no, they aren't needed to be banned from IPL. I will justify my answer with valid points. First point is due to IPL, some cheerleaders get to earn some buck ,so by banning them you are making them unemployed.

    Second point due to cheerleaders, it brings international feel in this cricket league. It just like you are watching NBA or FIFA. So, they bring an international feel in IPL.

    Third point is they provide glamour to IPL, if beauty are around you, you always feel in high zone and motivate to perform your best.

    Fourth point is due to cheerleaders, we get to know about foreign culture and here transfer of Indian culture is also done. We get to see new form of dance rather than watching boring Bollywood dancing.

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