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Royal Challenger Bangalore have lost the IPL 2021 ‘Eliminator’ and has been knocked out of the trophy race. What you think that has gone wrong for the Virat & CO in their Eliminator face-off against Kolkata Knight Riders?

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  • Kamran Malik 2021-10-12 23:10:34 rate(0)

    Honestly, very disappointing. It was the last time Virat was captaining an IPL side. And the team never failed to disappoint. Same story every year. Many wrongs and few rights for RCB in today’s match. Let’s see some of the wrongs.

    Batting depth?- Lack of batting depth costed them heavily. After Kohli, ABD and Maxwell, there was no one who could come and play a 15 ball 30 or something. Compare that with KKR. They had someone like Shakib, a power hitter, at number 8. Yes, number 8.

    Bharat’s innings- For me, this innings destroyed the momentum of innings. A wrong promotion this. Ideally, someone like ABD or Maxwell should have been sent at 3 to play more deliveries. ABD remains under-utilized this season.

    Bowling- There were 8 overs up for the party for KKR. Yes, 8. The overs from Siraz, Chahal and Harshal Patel, totaling 12, costed only 54 with an economy of 4.5 while 8 overs from others costed 84. At maximum you can have 4 overs from a weak link. Covering 8 overs is a huge ask. Daniel Christian’s 22 run over costed the match if you see in hindsight. Christian is neither a good bowler nor a decent batter.

    Spinners- Spinners played quite an important role in today’s match. KKR played 3 spinners and RCB clearly got rattled because of spin. Narine was outstanding. The fact that they let themselves owned by spinners was one of the biggest reason they lost.

    One silver lining for RCB in this IPL is Harshal Patel. He equaled Bravo’s 2013 IPL record of highest number of wickets (32) in an IPL season.

    As a captain, he played 140 matches for RCB in which RCB won 66 and lost 70. However Virat would continue to be with RCB as a player. He clearly said that if he plays IPL, he would play for RCB. Let’s hope he wins, at least as a player.

    PS- It was just the third match I was watching this IPL. All three have been close. Let’s hope DC reaches final and then let the best team win.

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