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Pakistan have recently unveiled their ICC T20 World Cup jersey and unlike other teams have not printed India on the jersey as India is the official host of the T20 World Cup. What are your thoughts on it? Why Pakistan always create controversy?

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  • Om Shukla 2021-10-12 23:11:28 rate(0)

    What else can we expect from a nation like them!

    India are the actual hosts of the ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2021.

    But, the BCCI finally decided to shift the venue to the UAE/Oman due the pandemic situation in the country, a few months back.

    But, the Pakistan's leaked jersey for the upcoming T20 World Cup shows 'UAE' mentioned as the tournament's host instead of 'India.'

    Meanwhile, recently the Cricket Scotland also, unveiled their jersey and yeah, it's obviously India's name as host on it. And, some other teams’ leaked jerseys as well except the Pakistan.

    I think there could be many reasons behind this but, jealousy is surely one of them. Comment others according to you below.

    And, I'm really not surprised they're still hating on us! Since, I have literally zero expectations from them regarding any matter! Especially, the PCB!

    But, it's still a leaked image, so let's see what happens next.

    Though, I'm pretty sure that the PCB are still thinking about this as now it's trending from the last 2-3 days and possibly could be a lot more controversial soon.

    Confused, frustrated and probably scratching their heads off too on how can they have just a word 'India' on their jersey.

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