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Team India is about to witness a total revamp in the team’s coaching staff including the duty of head coach Ravi Shashtri. What are your thoughts about Ricky Ponting to be roped in as India’s futuristic head coach?

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  • Rohan Chaddha 2021-10-13 21:57:56 rate(0)

    Appointing Ricky Ponting as the Indian cricket team coach can be really good for the team but it can be equally terrible as well because Virat Kohli being the captain of the team may not be able to take Ricky Pointing too well. We all know the kind of aggressive player Ricky Pointing has been and we all know the kind of aggressiveness that Virat Kohli has. In case Ricky Pointing is appointed as the coach of the team and he has some issues with Virat Kohli, BCCI would be in two minds then.

    In such a situation, they would neither be able to support Ricky Pointing, nor Virat Kohli. And this is why, appointing Ricky Pointing as the coach would be good enough when Virat Kohli is not the captain. In fact, when Kohli is not the captain, even Rahul Dravid would have said yes to coaching the senior team. But very few people can cope up with Virat Kohli the captain and hence, not many of them would agree to become the Indian coach.

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