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Indian Premier League has seen 13 full-fledged season and seen many ups and downs during the course. Which of the eight IPL franchise carry the brigade of biggest and most loyal cricket fans until the present IPL season?

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good review

  • Hitesh Sharma 2021-10-20 23:23:11 rate(0)

    Its obvious - RCB

    All other teams have fans because of IPL trophies, but here it’s because of huge support and love for the team.

    CSK and MI have so many followers on insta (8m+) because of the trophies. RCB still manages 7m+ without any trophy. Other teams less than 5m.

    “Ee sala cup named” is something only an RCB fan understands. :) others troll them for this

    Not feeling to hurt other franchise fans, but most of them are psuedo fans, they won’t be fans if their team lose, for that moment.

    That red and gold jersey is an emotion, we may not have won cups but we won many hearts unsung heroes of IPL..

    Fans always proud of the team.

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