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Contemporary Indian cricket team is largely involved in several political and woke movements gimmicks by showing support for ‘Black Lives Matter ’ and other global movements. Does this fact is hampering team India’s performance in the international circuit?

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  • Pratham Singh 2021-11-16 22:56:09 rate(0)

    The so called black lives matter has no connection with Indians whatsoever , Instead of concentrating on the game they are endorsing something which is out of context as far as India and Indians are concerned.

    Unlike Indians , Pakistani players were very much concentrated on the game and that was visible to everyone during the entire match.

    Here I want to specify that one particular player (Virat Kohli) , has become the so called woke and keep teaching us how to celebrate Holi ,Diwali etc.(All Hindu festivals) and when it comes to performance ,you can check the records how many ICC trophies he has one since he became caption and how many knockout games he has won for the country.

    I really liked and admired the players like Ganguly ,Sehwag , Dravid, Laxman,Sachin because they were only concentrated on the game and inspite of being in so much pressure from the fans, they never became political or demeaned the fans(Unlike the kohli guy who recently said that he doesn't care about fans!!).

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