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Team India think-tank has recently announced Rohit Sharma as India’s vice-captain in the red ball cricket for futuristic schedules? Why team management doesn’t offered the chance to R.Ashwin as he carries more exposure to the red-ball cricket and bit more experienced than Rohit Sharma?

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  • Shubham Saini 2022-01-09 15:59:51 rate(0)

    Simple bowlers aren’t valued much. India has a batsman worshipping culture.

    Also the Mumbai Lobby will obviously favour Rohit.

    Also Ashwin hasn’t cemented his spot in SENA Tests, which is absurd but still a fact.

    Making Rohit Test Captain might change the course of Test Cricket, if Rohit priorities his LOI interests, with a selection committee which has ruled inches favour, a comparatively weak coach, and a BCCI Administration that is prioritising LOI dominance, we are heading down the England path.

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