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Bumrah has now installed himself as India’s most trusted pace companion in the red-ball cricket. Is it me or anyone else feels that Bumrah’s bouncers have now lost its bite in the white jersey cricket? What are your thoughts about my this finding?

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  • Kshitiz Sardana 2022-01-10 21:04:41 rate(0)

    The short ball of Jasprit Bumrah decoded.

    Jasprit Bumrah undoubtedly one of the worlds best pacer across formats is showing no sins of slowing down. But what has happened to the lethal bouncer he had. This question does arrises after he failed to take a single wicket from 17 overs on a pitch with as much uneven bounce as in Johannesburg, especially in the second innings. He did beat the bat often enough to have picked up more wickets. But he didn't. All he got was one wicket in the whole Test from 38 overs? And he is a bowler who strikes every 50 balls.

    It can all be traced back to 2020 a stress fracture. Ever since his comeback after the stress fracture in February 2020, Bumrah has been less threatening with his short balls. Prior to the injury, Bumrah induced false shots off 26.3% of deliveries that he pitched shorter than on good length against batters in the top seven in Tests.

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