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I was recently viewing different teams set up and was shocked to know that New Zealand and even Australia with moderate black population doesn’t have any black player in the team combination. What could be the possible reason for such fallout?

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  • Faraz Ahmed 2022-01-13 15:42:57 rate(0)

    African immigrants are still a very small minority in Australia, and they’re at most maybe 2nd generation for the most part and cricket is a weird thing for african parents to encourage their children to play. We don’t have hardly any immigrants from the West Indies, where cricket is actually a thing. We did used to have Andrew Symonds who was half Caribbean and a great cricketer.

    If you’re wondering about indigenous Australians, Cricket is a fairly exclusive sport, your parents have to buy you equipment and stuff, indigenous Australians aren’t that keen on it generally anyway, they LOVE rugby league and Aussie rules, and boxing. That’s about it.

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