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Rahul Tewatia has recently made a cryptic post after his name was absent from the Indian team for the Ireland tour. Did Tewatia deserved a spot in the team combination for the Ireland tour? Is he ready for the main stage?

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  • Ahsas Gulati 2022-06-19 00:19:10 rate(0)

    After the Indian cricket team for the tour of Ireland was declared and Rahul Tewatia was not taken in the team, he took to social media and wrote “Expectations Hurt”. Well, I wonder on what grounds was he expecting to be a part of the Indian team, because as far as his IPL performances were concerned, these were not too good to make him a part of the team. In fact, I wonder why he was initially selected in the Indian team before as well because he did absolutely nothing in Rajasthan Royals.

    It was his luck that he got a place in the Gujarat Lions for such a huge cost and was able to play a few good innings. However, if he thinks that he would find a place in the Indian team at this age on the basis of a few IPL performances, I think he is wrong. When players like Nitish Rana who deserve the chance much more in the Indian are sitting at home despite performing so well, it’s way to optimistic of someone like Rahul Tewatia to expect the BCCI officials to select him. I wonder how well is he doing at the domestic level to expect such things.

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