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Rohit Sharma is counted amongst laziest cricketers in the World. Why the new Indian skipper perform well in recent matches in spite of regularly following weight trainings and gym sessions?

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  • Nakul Dev 2022-06-23 01:32:20 rate(0)

    If only weight-training and gym sessions were synonymous with playing good cricket, cricketers like Inzamam-ul-Haq would have hit the gym and would have become the best players in the world. The truth is, players hit gym these days to get more of modeling contracts and less for staying fit for the cricketing career they have. And Rohit Sharma is no different. I would not say that he does not perform well in cricket. In fact, he is one of the best in the world and probably one of the best openers that India ever had in cricket.

    However, the reputation he holds as an opener is now getting degraded with time and he is not able to bat well in spite of gym sessions and weight training etc. He gets injured before every overseas tour and this is a huge problem for India. Now that he is the captain, I hope he gets over these injury excuses and takes care of his batting performances as well. Having bulging muscles and six-pack abs is not synonymous to playing good cricketer. Cricketers like Inzamam did so well with their bulky body. It’s all about the intent and attitude.

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