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Pakistani bowler Mohammad Amir has recently said that Rohit Sharma struggles to face his balls in T20I games. What are your thoughts about Mohammad Amir’s this statement? Is he right to say this? Or, it is on purpose statement to gain some lime light?

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  • Tarun Rastogi 2022-06-23 01:33:21 rate(0)

    Mohammad Amir actually said that Rohit Sharma is a world-class batsman and he also said that although Rohit Sharma used to struggle while facing the balls from Mohammad Amir, he is still a world-class batsman and cannot be counted any less. Well, I would not say that Mohammad Amir is any wrong in this aspect because Indians have always struggled against bowlers who brought the ball back in to them, whether Trent Boult, Shaheen Afridi or Mohd. Amir. And Mohammad Amir was a really good bowler in the team who was not so easy to play.

    However, it is also true that Rohit Sharma spared no bowler in the world and on his day, even a score of 200 runs individually was nothing for him. Rohit Sharma is currently on a rest mode after getting the captaincy of the Indian team and he would surely return to his form in the Indian team very soon. We should not forget that he is the same batsman who scored 5 centuries in the World Cup 2019.

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