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Joe Root has scored 10 Test centuries in past 18 months on the other hand Virat Kohli is struggling even to score one hundred in the meantime. What are your thoughts on this side by side comparison?

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good review

  • Ahaan Khan 2022-08-04 01:07:50 rate(0)


    I am sure that you didnt have 50 Headlines every day asking for the Next Joe Root Century in UK or have it discussed by a million twitterati or have it discussed in every sports talk show or ask Joe Roots wife at a Movie evet “When will your husband score his next century???”

    The Pressure on Kohli is perhaps 50 times that on Root or Smith.

    Everytime he comes out to bat - he is under tremendous pressure and every run he scores his mind goes to “Will i at least now score the 71st Century???”

    The Pressure was so great that Sachin finally got that hundred in a very uncharacteristic innings that cost India the match against Bangladesh

    The Pressure alone is so great on Kohli that i am sure he makes mistakes in concentration and his Iron Dome defense gets fatally flawed

    One good ball is enough and thats whats happening

    Meanwhile Root has no such pressure. Nobody talked about his form. It was always his captaincy. Once he handed it over to Stokes - He is free and the pressure is off and he is stroking off wonderfully

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