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Murali Vijay has recently commented that Virender Sehwag was ‘fortunate’ and he got much appreciation and back from team management that’s why he retired successfully. What are your thoughts on this comment? Was BCCI harsh on less popular cricketers?

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  • Aman Singh 2023-01-20 22:41:41 rate(0)

    In a recent interview, Murali Vijay was rather angry that BCCI has not been offering chances to cricketers like him, as if they are 80 years old. Murali Vijay 38 years old and he has played 61 tests for India, scoring close to 4000 runs with an average of around 38 and as an opener, I don’t think this is any special for him. Besides, he has played 17 ODIs and 9 T20s as well for India. He last played a test in 2018 against Australia and since then, he has been out of the team. Also, he said that he did not get backing and support like Virender Sehwag got from the team management and the captain, otherwise he too could have tried something special and would have emerged out another Sehwag.

    Well, as far as a place in the test team is concerned, there is already so much competition and young players like Ajinkya Rahane and Hanuma Vihari are already struggling to make a place in the team. In such a case, BCCI would hardly think about a 38 year old Murali Vijay, especially considering he has not special talents or records. Besides, Sehwag got support because he showed some special talents of hitting the ball well. He was forbidden to do many things but he still had the courage to oppose the captain and did whatever he wanted.

    If Murali Vijay thinks he had such a special talent, he should have played his way an

    If Murali Vijay thinks he had such a special talent, he should have played his way and should have proved people wrong. Sehwag had a test average close to 50 and still his strike rate was almost double than that of Murali Vijay. These numbers do matter.

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