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Every team tends to have great performances in their home ground and home condition but situation is totally different for Pakistan as they are losing each of their home series since last year. What could be the possible reason for such poor performance at home ground?

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  • Bhushan Pratap 2023-01-24 23:41:18 rate(0)

    Except some excellent individual performance by Pakistani cricketers over the years, Pakistan always has been a mediocre team in all formats of cricket in history of cricket. The problem is that Pakistani ex cricketers lie to their public and give them false sense of reality. Hence whenever Pakistan lose which is very frequent thing, all the Pakistani started to fall from sky. They can't believe what they saw. Here's the reality check for all the Pakistani, Pakistan has never been a team that can dominate world cricket. Never. They may have won one or two WCs but that's more luck than dominance. It's because in those WCs true world beating teams underplayed. Be it India or England or Australia. This is the hardcore unavoidable truth.

    What's the actual problem of Pakistan team?

    Can't play swing.

    Can't play spin.

    Over dependent on Babar Azam.

    No actual depth in batting.

    Only dependent on pace bowling but they're not seam bowlers either so easy picking for modern day batsmans who so used to playing fast bowling.

    Only dependent on reverse swing to get wickets but the problem is that Pakistan themselves can't play reverse swing either.

    No power hitters.

    Team is filled with low strike rate accumulators. Basically no match winners.

    Poor management by PCB. Playing politics instead of concentrating on cricket. Ramiz Raza's whole rant against BCCI would be ideal proof.

    Their entire fan base and cricketing fraternity's stupidly wrong priority — “Winning against India is more important than winning WC" — “Bas ek match India se jeet lo, hum khush ho jayega, or koi jeetne ka jaroorat nehi hai".

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