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What are the sensational revelations made by former cricketer Chetan Sharma in a recent sting operation, and when can we expect a decision from the relevant board regarding the matter?

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  • Kshitiz Sardana 2023-03-01 23:43:20 rate(0)

    So Zee news conducted a ‘Sting operation' to expose many ‘truths’ about the Indian cricket. They named their show as #gameover and uploaded some of the footage of their interview with the selection committee chairman, Chetan Sharma (Who may not hold the position anymore), that revealed many things about the ‘secrets’ of Indian cricket.

    Here are some of the questions/allegations/assertions from the reporter and the replies from Chetan Sharma -

    Allegation : NCA isn't looking after players well and are faking the fitness of the players.

    Reply : The players are using injections to be deemed fit. Everyone wants to be a star player, like Virat Kohli. They know that they've to grab opportunities. And in order to do that, they've to remain fit and perform consistently. But somewhere in their minds, they feel if they get dropped and someone else seal their spot, they'd be out forever. So, in order to remain fit, they're faking their fitness by using injections.

    Allegation : Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli have ego issues.

    Reply : It was just a media speculation. When two big names are together, things like that are bound to happen. Virat and Rohit support each other. When Virat was struggling with form, Rohit supported him the highest. And vice versa.

    Allegation : Due to the ego issues between Sourav Ganguly (The then BCCI President) and Virat Kohli (The then Indian captain), Virat was removed from captaincy by Ganguly.

    Reply : When Virat was thinking of leaving captaincy, Ganguly asked him not to do so (In front of media). But when Virat told in press conference that the President hadn't said anything as such, the controversy got created. In the meeting, Ganguly asked Virat to think again. The meeting had 9 members (President, Selectors and others) including me. But Virat probably didn't hear what Ganguly said. Virat wasn't ready to listen. He was touring to South Africa, but brought the captaincy topic in press conference, which was unnecessary. But he did it on purpose.

    Question : Who removed Virat Kohli from ODI captaincy?

    Reply : See, Virat wanted to step down from T20 captaincy. Now white ball format can't have two captains. So I decided to remove Virat from ODI captaincy too.

    Allegation : Ganguly favoured Rohit over Virat for the Indian captaincy.

    Reply : It's not like Ganguly was favouring Rohit, but rather Ganguly was hating Virat.

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