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Is there any law in BCCI that they cannot choose coach for a second term in Indian team. If not, then why World Cup winning coach Greg Chappell is not approached for second term in Indian team? What are your thoughts on it?

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  • Deshraj Kumar 2023-03-05 12:16:54 rate(0)

    I'll definitely choose Greg Chappell to be the Indian coach if given a chance.

    Back in mid 2000s, India was still following traditional forte of the game. Like always, they concentrated on just batting and almost nothing else. Fielding and worth ethics were the least concerning things for the Indian cricket (Although we had some great fielders by early 2000s).

    Andrew Symonds had once called Indian cricketers as lazy. While it might sound arrogant, that was in a way the reality. India hardly concentrated on fitness culture, hard routines and fielding standards. Greg Chappell wanted to transfrom the Indian team right from these aspects.

    But the Indian seniors weren't ready for it. And hence, the controversies started until Chappell was removed as the coach. But see what happened about 8-10 years after Chappell was sacked as the Indian coach. Virat Kohli became India's fitness role model. Bowlers followed it and became pros in bowling. Almost everyone became better in fielding.

    When Chappell wanted to do it, our seniors were way too conservative. But today, it's the need of the hour. Or maybe not? Because, I've seen Langer being judged badly by the Australian players for him being a strict coach.

    So, I'd rather love to have a Virat-Chappell bond. I know it's the loggerheads of two aggressive minds by nature. But trust me, it can work too. These two, all they care about, is the ways to get results. Similar mindsets lead to similar results. So, that combo would be perfect.

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