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Was England winning the Cricket World Cup fixed?

Was England winning the Cricket World Cup fixed?

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  • Palash Pansey 2020-07-17 10:13:10 rate(0)

    It will very childish to say that England winning the World Cup was fixed as there were too many reasons. Here are few of them:

    1. Every Team lost a match during the World Cup including England. England lost against Sri Lanka.

    2. Some breath taking matches in the world cup including the final. You can't predict the outcome of such matches and in the way they were played. India vs NZ semi final, Aus vs Eng Semi Final, Eng Vs NZ final. All these games were edge of the seat stuff.

    3. England winning by boundary count. No body would have imagined that England will win on the boundary count in the final.

    These reasons are enough to say that the final was not fixed and neither England winning the World Cup.

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  • Chandan N 2020-07-17 10:12:37 rate(0)

    I don’t think so. If you look at the series of events that happened during the last few overs, I don’t think those can be orchestrated. Especially, Ben stokes scoring unconventional 6 runs. I recall his reaction after the ball went to boundary. He rises both of this hands which shows it was unintentional.

    Dharmasena decision of giving 6 runs was a judgemental error, these kind of errors has happened in many games. Unfortunately, in this case the impact was huge and everyone noticed it and New Zealand had to pay for umpires error.

    Now, the boundary rule - this rule was in place already. The decision was made based on rule books which was valid on that particular day. I guess, now this boundary rule has been removed or altered which I am not sure.

    Please post your comment if you disagree or upvote if you feel my opinion makes sense.

  • Bivesh Sharma 2020-07-17 10:12:06 rate(0)

    Yes I think so.Although I am England fan but I think the World Cup was fixed.Many people will write their views on my statement

    I remember in 49th over Boult caught stokes off Neesham’s delivery and he was 2–3 yards inside the boundary ropes. Boult touched the boundary there.

    Then there came umpiring error in the final over.Everyone knows that incident.

    In Super Over New Zealand needed 17 runs and till first 4 balls they scored 14 runs and off last 2 balls they scored only 2. Many may go against my views but here is whatever I think if question is raising in someone’s mind.

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