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What are the new rules of cricket brought by the ICC?

What are the new rules of cricket brought by the ICC?

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  • Vasim Ik 2020-07-17 17:17:23 rate(0)

    ICC approves concussion substitutes: Like-for-like replacement allowed in all formats

    The International Cricket Council on Thursday approved the use of concussion substitutes across all formats in international cricket. The match referee will approve a like-for-like replacement for an injured player.

    Slow over rate

    Meanwhile, the ICC also made a few changes to the pace of play and slow over rate rules in international cricket after recommednations from the Cricket Committee.

    Captains will no longer be suspended for repeated or serious over rate breaches.

    All players should be held equally responsible for slow over rates, and as such will be fined at the same level as the captain.

    In World Test Championship matches a team that is behind the required over rate at the end of a match will have two competition points deducted for each over it is behind.

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  • Vinod Viru 2020-07-17 17:17:04 rate(0)
    1. The Super over will be the last resort in the event of a tie. The team that loses least wickets will be the winner when the game is a TIE. If same number of wickets, the team which has won the league match will be the winner. If that is not played, Super over can be played with 6 bowlers bowling each ball for a team, and each batsman to play one delivery. if there is a tie, the team which lost a wicket stands eliminated.

    2. ICC got rid of the two new ball rule.

    3. Allowed 2 substitutes to play the match in case a batsman or bowler gets injured in middle of the match.

    4. Whenever a match is affected by rain or other natural causes, a T20 will be played considering the weather updates. In case of knock outs, the game will continue the next day from where it was left.

    5. Powerplay will be for first 5 overs, and an additional 5+5 overs which a bowling and batting team can choose at its disposal before the innings.

    6. When the ball hits the stumps, a batsman will be declared out (not when the bails are dislodged).

    7. ‘Mankad’ to be part of normal dismissals with no fair play questioning it.

    8. No ball decisions will be made by 3rd umpires using technology.

    9. No runs will be allowed in leg byes, but the batsman can cross over.

    10. 5 runs penalty to opposition team for over appealing, running on the pitch, delay in completing an innings.

    11. When the ball hits the batsman or his equipment in case of a overthrow, no runs will be awarded.

    12. Proposal in 2021 to have 2 innings in a ODI and taking toss out of the equation irrespective of seaming conditions or dusty conditions or bouncy conditions.

    Hope you are happy with the rules. Wish it happen

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